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Nail Extensions


We offer gel  nail extensions for extra length and strength. High quality American products and vast choice of designs


Natural Nail Services

Let our helping hands help your hands by bridging the gap between health and beauty

Shellac Manicure

Get ultra glossy or mat nails that stay flawless for up to 4 weeks. Available in over 80 shades. This type of manicure includes shaping of the nails, cleaning the cuticles and removing them if necessary


Pedicure Services

Soaking the feet, removal of hard skin & ingrown nails and exfoliant, clean cuticles & callous. Pedicure includes glossy gel polish/Shellac that lasts up to 6 weeks.

Why choose Dream Salon?

  • we use only high quality American and European products

  • newest designs and styles

  • the best equipment

  • latest manicure techniques

  • clean cuticles and long lasting manicure

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  • 4 level sterilisation of all tools (liquid desinfection, autoclave machine, ultrasound machine, sterile packaging etc)

  • disposable pedicure files and nail bits

  • nearly 200 colours in our gel polish collection

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