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Laser tattoo and permanent makeup removal

🆕 New in Dream Salon 


✔️ We now can remove your old tattoos without leaving any marks or scars on your skin / body


We are the first Salon in Albir to offer the best in laser tattoos removal.


🔝We offer the latest high tech laser. Nanosecond Q-Switched Neodymium laser for the tattoo and permanent makeup removal, the treatment is safe, fast and painless. 


Our new laser system for tattoo and permanent makeup removal is:


🚫Non invasive

🚫No scars

🚫No blood

🚫No burns

🚫No pain


☝🏻Get rid of your old annoying tattoos or permanent makeup in a fast, safe and easy way with the help of our new laser system within 4-7 sessions. 

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