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Laser Hair Removal



ProTec Diode Lasers are widely used in Laser Hair Removal, one of the epilation techniques that has evolved the most in recent years, since it makes us forget about unwanted hair forever quickly and safely. An increasing number of people are opting for a more permanent solution, and laser is delivering incredible results on almost everyone thanks to advances in technology.

Indicated for:

  • permanent removal of unwanted body and face hair


  • reduces hair growth by 90 – 95 %

  • less risk of damaging the skin around the hair follicles

  • safe treatment for patients with darker and tanned skin tones

  • pain-free treatment

How does diode laser work?

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective procedure. Diode Laser uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to treat unwanted hair. The diode laser targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth. 

Using light selective absorption, the laser has 2 performance on target and surrounding areas. The heat and energy work on the follicle, destroying the areas where produce the hair. The surrounding tissue will not be harmed.

We need multiple treatments for laser hair removal because hair growth has a cycle. The hair stems from the follicle will lose its course texture after every treatment. Meanwhile, hair growth speed becomes slower.

Is laser hair removal treatment effective?

The answer is Yes. Diode lasers are safe and effective for hair reduction or depilation. The 808nm diode laser wavelength is the golden standard for hair removal. Side effects after diode laser treatment may happen but these are transient. 

The Diode laser is the best for all six skin types based on long term use and safety. It is especially effective in people with skin types I to IV and even works on fine hair.

Diode Laser vs IPL, which is better?

The 808nm diode laser hair removal machine is most effective for darker or blacker hair. Intense pulsed light (IPL) machines are not lasers but with same selective photothermolysis. 

IPL is a wide spectrum from 400nm to 1200nm. The diode laser is a fixed wavelength 808nm or 810nm. The diode laser is proved to be safer, faster and painless than IPL treatment. 

What could we expect from laser treatment?

808nm diode laser hair removal is virtually painless treatment and effective for whole body hair removal. Compared to traditional IPL hair removal, diode laser treatment is safer, faster, painless and much more effective. By using 808nm golden standard wavelenth, diode laser hair removal is safe for all skin type(skin type I-VI).

Before laser hair removal

  • Avoiding sun exposure 2 weeks before and after treatment, and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily.

  • Don’t use other methods for hair removal. Plucking, waxing, and electrolysis should be avoided one month before treatment.

  • Don’t take blood-thinning medications. Confirm with the doctor about what medications need to avoid before the procedure.

  • Shaving your hair before laser treatment. Not shaving the hair can result in surface skin damage from burnt hairs. It leaves the hair shaft intact below the surface.

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