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Nanoplastia organic hair straightening


🌱Intensive organic product W.One Premium - smoothes and straightens curly hair, gives your hair an incredible shine. Longlasting effect up to 6 months✨🌟


🌸Works very effectively on several levels: no more freezy hair, straightens hair cuticles, removes all signs of previous chemical experiments. Active ingredients stimulate hair growth. 


🌸Contains fruit acids and herb extracts, which helps us to work very delicately avoiding hair structure irritation. One treatment and your hair is perfectly straight, shiny and healthy. 


W.One intensive product advantages:

 ☘️ One phase product which is used without deep cleansing shampoo.

 ☘️ Normalizes PH balance of the hair fiber.

 ☘️ Free from formaldehyde and derivatives.

 ☘️Does not cause burning of eyes and respiratory tract.

 ☘️Safe for hairdressers, clients during pregnancy and for babies.

NANOPLASTIA is the best professional smoothing system on the market

and here’s why:

  • It washes out the same day in the salon, with no down time.

  • It gives radiant shine.

  • Strengthens the cuticle.

  • Eliminates Frizz

  • Improves the health by protecting the cuticle.

  • Reduces blow-dry and styling time.

  • Protects against heat damage from styling.

  • Prevents split ends and breakage; therefore, promoting growth.

  • Multiple bottle sizes available for purchase.

  • Beautiful home care line in both full and travel size

  • Special formulation of minimal chemicals to give maximum results.

  • Your color pops, as cuticles are sealed with moisture.

What makes NANOPLASTIA different than other treatments?

  • Amazing results every time.

  • More shine, less chemicals, and easy to apply formula.

  • We are honest about our ingredients.

  • Organic formula based on fruit acids.

  • Lasts up to 6-9 months

We hope you enjoy your NANOPLASTIA hair treatment!

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