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Permanent Eyeliner 


▪️Aftercare and Healing Process: Day by Day

Permanent makeup is a huge trend in the cosmetic industry right now. Besides lash extensions, eyebrow micropigmentation and permanent lipstick, permanent eyeliner is one of the most popular procedures.

Permanent eyeliner aftercare is very important for the success of the procedure. If you follow the aftercare advice, you make sure the pigment will retain properly. Also, you avoid the risk of infection, irritation and other things that can go wrong.

So, let’s see what the permanent makeup aftercare involves.


▪️How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare Last?

The healing period is around three weeks long. Just after it’s over, you can tell if the procedure was successful or not. You don’t need to follow the aftercare routine tips for that long. It is vital to be careful during the first 10 days, after which you can relax and your permanent eyeliner will take its final shape.


▪️What are the Basic Rules of Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare?

  • Do not touch, rub or scratch the treated area. It is very sensitive and you can peel the pigment off if you treat it inappropriately. Use a q-tip dipped into clean water and gently clean the area.

  • Keep the area moisturized. Use a q-tip again, dipped in a recommended ointment (bepanthen)

  • Do not wear makeup, especially mascara, for 10 days.

  • Avoid sun exposure

  • Avoid sweating, saunas, gyms and working out as well as swimming pools.

  • No facials, botox or any other cosmetic treatments.

  • Do not sleep on your face and use a clean pillowcase.

  • Do not wear contact lenses during the aftercare period. Wear glasses instead and when it’s finished, take a new pair of contacts if possible.



▪️Can I Shower After the Permanent Eyeliner Treatment?

Yes, you can shower after the treatment, but don’t take long showers because the steam can affect your eyeliner. Make it as quick as possible.


▪️Can I Wash My Face After the Permanent Eyeliner Treatment?

Yes, washing your face is allowed, if you are careful. That means, don’t rub your face, but be gentle. The best option is to softly clean it with a wet cotton pad, avoiding the treated area. After 3 days you can wash your face normally.


▪️What Types of Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare are There?

While some online articles suggest avoiding ointments, others say that the area must be kept moisturized. This can make you feel confused. So, what you should do is listen to your permanent makeup artist.

If they think the dry healing method gives better results, than there’s no need to apply any crème. If they say that wet healing method is better, and that you should apply an ointment regularly, do it.

Vaseline is the most commonly used for the permanent eyeliner aftercare, but if your artist has a specific ointment to recommend, take that one.

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