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HAIR BTX by De Fabulous USA

No harmful fume, no formaldhye, and no dramatic color fading! Hair BTX Freezes years of Damage. Fortify and revive limp, lifeless, frizzy hair.
Hair BTX by De Fabulous is a revolutionary treatment that uses botanical ingredients to give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of.
This is a reparative system geared to make hair smooth & manageable. Relaxers break and re-bond the molecular structure of each follicles core.
Hair BTX penetrates deep into the core, depositing Cysteine protein, natural oils and fruit acids to strengthen the hair from the inside out.
Smoothing, hydrating and sealing the hair on a strand by strand level making hair smooth, manageable and beautiful.


Hair BTX Benefits‏:
• Highly Moisturizing
• Restores Elasticity to hair
• Contains Powerful Antioxidant Properties
• Anti-bacterial
• Protects hair from Free Radicals
• Exfoliates hair and scalp
• Enhances and repairs hair from the inside out
• Revitalizes stress, damaged hair
• Botanical extracts provide hydration, softening & shine benefits
• Helps to heal dry, cracked scalp & psoriasis
• Rich in Vitamins A, B & E
• Provides the hair heat protection from everyday styling
• Imparts lubricity, which results in less friction during combing or brushing, making the hair less prone to breakage.


Note: This is not a relaxer. This is not a keratin treatment. This product contains no formaldehyde or perm solution.

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